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Get ready to Exterior Painting

Preparation is the key to any successful painting project. In general, remove any items as you can (planters, mailboxes, shutters, house numbers, hoses, outdoor furniture, light fixtures,storm windows and screens). Put drop clothes in place under the areas you plan to paint. 


  • Wash with appropiate cleaner to remove any oil, grease or surface contamination. Wash Undereavesto remove any dirt and contamination that may have accumulated. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Scrape and sand any pelled, checked or blistered paint to a sound surface 
  • Sand glossy surface dull. Seal stains *such as water,smoke or grease stainswith the appropiate primer.
  • Fill any nailheaddepressions, crack and imperfections with putty. Where neccesary, scrape away old caulk and apply new caulk and primer. 
  • Coat any scraped, sanded or putied areas with a high quality exterior primer. Unless using self-priming products, you will want to prime any surface that's being painted for the first time. 

Vinyl Surfaces  

  • Clean the surface thoroughly by scrubbing with warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly.
  • If you want to paint vinyl siding darker than the original color, choose a product with vinyl performance coatings technology to avoid damage from warping 

Concrete & Masonry 

  • All new surfaces must cure for a specified period of time / usually about 30 days. Check with supplier. If painting cannot wait 30 days, allow the surface to cure 7 days and prime the surface with concrete and masonry primer.
  • Remove all form release and curing agents.
  • Cracks,voids and other holes should be repainted with an elastomeric masonry patch or sealant. 
  • Wash with an appropriate cleaner to remove any oil, grease or surface contamination 
  • All corrosion must be removed with sandpaper, steel wool or other abrading method. 


  • Primer
  • Spackling & Putty
  • Putty Knife
  • Masking tape & painters tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Caulk and caulking gun 
  • Cleaning Solution 
  • Drop Cloths
  • Roller frame and covers
  • Brushes
  • Paint tray and tray liner
  • Ladders
  • Extension pole
  • Paint shield
  • Gloves
  • Rags, paper towels, bucket
  • Paint thinner
  • Razor blades 
  • Hand cleaner

How much paint do you need? Exterior Painting Estimate

All you need is a tape measure and some simple math

1. Below the Roof-line:

Measure the distance along each side of your home. Multiply that number by the height up to the roof-line.

2. Above the roof-line:

Measure how many feet the tallest point of the peak rises above the side height measured in step 1 and multiply that number by 1/2 the width of the wall. Add this figure to the total you calculate in step 1.

3. Windows and Doors:

Determine the area of all windows and doors using the same width x height calculation and subtract each from your total.

4. Gallons of paint:

Divide the total area by: 350 - 400, which is the number of square feet that one gallon will cover.

5. Trim painting:

Multiply the number of doors by 21, the number of windows by 15, and add up the results. Divide by 350 - 400 to get gallons of trim paint you will need.

Pride Of Homeowner is a Colorful thing

Nothing enhances the curb appeal  of your home like a new coat of paint. Its a great way to increase your homes value and express your personal style.

Canadian Pros Painting is here to help with the products, colors and advise you need to make your painting project a success. This Post will answer some of your most commonly asked questions about colour choices, product selection and preparation for a beautiful finish. If you have any additional questions about your specific project, don't hesitate to contact Canadian Pros Painting. 

Choosing the right contractor for your home can improve value and curb appeal.

  • Coordinate the right colors for your siding, roof, patio, landscaping ... and even your neighbors homes.
  • Dark colors make a house look smaller; light color make a house look bigger. 
  • Choose colors that !speak the same language of your home: colonial, craftsman, modern, etc. 

Types of Finishes 

Flat Finish.

This non-shiny finish defelct the light and is great for hiding surface imperfections.

Satin Finish.

With it's slight gloss this finish offersthe benefit of a richer look. Best for trim, shutters and window frames. 

Gloss Finish.

This lustrous, durable finish is great for windows, doors , trim or any area that you would like highlight. 

Why prime?

Applying primer is neccesary step when you are masking any existing stains, painting over a dark color or changing the type of paint you are using - e.g. latex over oil. Other advantages include a smoother finish, truer color results in fewer coats and protection of your topcoat to keep it from peeling

Multipurpose Primer;

  • General - purpose, whole - house primer
  • Adheres to most surfaces, including glossy paint and paneling.
  • Seals surfaces, blocks stains and assures a consistent paint finish

Exterior latex wood Primer;

  • Adheres to previously paintedsurface and bare wood
  • Resist Mildew

Primer X Peel Bonding Primer

  • Assures a smoother finish 
  • Saves time, money and labor with less sanding and scraping